RAPX The Exhibition


‘RAPX Photo Exhibition’ with pictures by Christopher Ho, Bjoern Maletz, Martin Magielka and Kurt Schrage. RAPX is a well known label for street wear, mainly skateboarding, based in Bochum, Germany and celebrate in 2018 its 32 year annivesary. The exhibiton shows photos of skateborders from the 80ties till today.

From me you can see black and white panoramic pictures shot with the Hasselblad XPAN at the Skater’s Palace in Münster in the year 2000 and colour street photos shot in Cologne (2016) and Dortmund (2014).

Opening 28. April 2018 17:00 o’clock at Sold Out Gallery, Bochum fb-event

Then, at 20:00 o’clock starts the RAPX Reform party at the Rotunde, Bochum fb-event

Hope to meet you there!


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