Oporto, oh Porto

Last year in September I spend some days in Porto, a very nice coastal town in northwestern of Portugal. Of course I had a camera with me and made my own picture. But careful, they are not typical tourist shots. I prefer to watch the people who live there, finding corners that are not so spruced up, searching graphic elements and street art. I also tried to capture the lights and shadows in the afternoons, when the sun anymore stood not high in the sky.

Before this trip I visited only the Algarve around twenty years ago, so I never saw Lissabon or another potuguese city. A friend and my travel companion said, Porto is like Lissabon, just smaller. That is what I like. So we walked many kilometers a day through the main town and city parts, and rented a car to travel along the Douro to Pinhao.

So, enough of the words … sorry for too many pictures …

Somehow I took a long time to work on these pictures, now I’ve wanderlust.


Oporto, oh Porto

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