Last September I had two reasons to stay a few days in Cologne. First there was the Photokina and second the Photoszene Festival. At the fair I’ve to look for news in phototechnology and to meet distributors and customers. It was ok, but honestly there wasn’t really intersting new things and I’m trying to think more about the picture, not the technology. Just only for my main job in photo wholesale I need to know these new cameras and accessoires. So I show you first some pictures from my walks through Cologne and send big thanks to Ying and Christian for thier hospitality.

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Cologne in September

Laundry day or something else?

Laundrette, Brussels – Saint-Gilles, August 2016

So, last saturday we went to Brussels, to see Alex Webb’s exhibition “The Suffering of Light” at the Bontanique. I loved it, excellent pictures and a nice place. Most of his pictures are known to me, I own his two books “Istanbul – City of a Hundred Names” and “on Street Photography and the Poetic Image” (with his wife Rebecca Norris Webb), but it’s great to see the photos in a larger size on the walls. Continue reading

Hi there,
tomorrow some friends and I travelling to Brussels, to visit the exhibition
“The Suffering of Light” by Alex Webb. So we’re going to be art watchers.
Until then I’ll show you some art watchers from Wim Wenders’ exhibition
“4 Real & True 2” last year in D├╝sseldorf.

Have a nice weekend and always good light,