About me


Hey, nice to see you here.

I’m Bjoern, a trained photographer based in Dortmund, Germany. Here I show you mainly my street photography. I will also try to present photo books here, mainly from or about Istanbul. That’s one of my passions, collecting photo books. And Istanbul, I love this city. I might also recommend something of my taste in music or other interesting stuff.


2018 July/August ‘Was wir halt so sehen’, Sold Out Gallery Bochum (group)
2018 April/May ‘RAPX – The Exhibition’, Sold Out Gallery Bochum (group)
2017 Oct. renk. Magazin ‘Die Freude steckt im Detail – Istanbul’ Berlin (online)
2016 Nov. ‘Die Nacht der Fotografie’ Gelsenkirchen (group, slideshow)
2016 Familienkalender DEW21 Dortmund (print, title)
2015 March ‘Für Hier #boschkommrum’, Für Hier Projektraum Dortmund (group)
2014 Oct./Nov. ‘we are tremonia’ Fotoistanbul 2014 Festival Istanbul (slideshow)
2014 May/June ‘En Route Straßenfotografie’, Jacques’ Wein-Depot Köln-Sülz (group)
2014 Familienkalender DEW21 Dortmund (print, complete, 13 pictures)
2013 Oct./Nov. ‘Ripped off Limits’, 44309 street/art gallery Dortmund (group)
2013 July doc! Photomagazine No. 13 ‘The Europeans – Germany’ Warsaw (online)
2013 June/July ‘Urban’, Kunstraum Kamen (group)
2012 July ‘we are tremonia’, 44309 street/art gallery Dortmund (solo)
exhibitions before 2012 in Schwerte: Rohrmeisterei (Welttheater der Straße, solo),
Stadtbücherei (Fotografien, solo), Gutshof Wellenbad (CDU Jahresempfang, solo)
div. print magazines: “58313”, “DEW21 Kalender 2014”, “Ruhrpower Zeit”, “Kiss”, “Borussia Live”


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